What equipment will be included?

    The park will be interactive and include a water slide, a small children’s slide, tipping buckets, spray cannons, fountains and climbing rocks.

    When will the Water Park be completed?

    The park is due to be completed by the end of the 2018/19 swimming season. Following delivery of grant funding Council was required to go through a formal tender process, design concepts and construction schedule which can take several months.

    Is there an entry fee?

    Entry to the Water Park will be via Mudgee Pool. Pool patrons will now have access to the pool, children’s pool and water park.

    Why is the Water Park located within Mudgee Pool grounds?

    The Water Park will include a slide that will have a water depth that requires lifeguards to monitor the facility.

    Why is Council building a Water Park?

    A Water Park was identified as one of the top three priority projects by residents during consultation for the Mid-Western Region Towards 2030 Community Plan completed in 2017.

    Will Council build an Aquatic Centre?

    As part of the 2018/19 Operational Plan, Council will undertake a feasibility study for an indoor Aquatic Centre.

    Why is the Western gate to Lawson Park closed?

    Construction is currently underway on a retaining wall for the Water Park site which requires temporary closure of this entrance until March. The Eastern entry to Lawson Park (off Short Street) remains open as does Mudgee Pool and car park.