Is Mudgee the only location being considered?

    At this point in time, the feasibility study is for a facility in Mudgee. 

    When will the findings be released?

    A final report with findings is due to be provided to Council in May when it will be made publicly available. 

    What are RMP and Associates doing?

    RMP and Associates have been employed to undertake a Feasibility Study with the objectives to:- Undertake an assessment of the current market and the latent market if an indoor all year-round pool or pools were built.- To review the current Mudgee pool site, conduct a site analysis and identify the most suitable site for the facility and the possibility of the integration of a proposed indoor facility. - The study is to include alternative options with a clear conclusion on the financial implications of building and operating an indoor pool.- The consultant’s report is to outline all assumptions, data, options and costs.- The Study is to include an assessment of the current venue designs and functionality and provide a guide for the future development and refurbishment of the Aquatic Facilities.