Council investigating additional locations

2 months ago

At its July 2019 Meeting, Council resolved to place the Indoor Pool feasibility study on public exhibition.

Fifty-two submissions were received from the community, all in favour of developing an indoor pool facility.

The most popular option was for a stand-alone indoor pool, rather than being combined with the existing pool infrastructure.

The option to only cover the existing outdoor pool was the least favoured option. While supportive of an indoor pool, a number of submissions focused on the constraints of the existing Mudgee Pool complex site, particularly in relation to the impact on the green spade areas of Lawson Park and concerns over availability of parking and the impact on residences along Short Street. Another site was suggested by a number of respondents, with Cahill Park among the alternative suggestions.

At the October 2019 Meeting, Councillors unanimously voted in support of the construction of an indoor swimming pool facility in Mudgee and requested that a further report be brought back to Council with an option to develop an indoor swimming facility at a new location in Mudgee.

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Consultation has concluded